Senate of Pakistan

Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT)

Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT), employing over 7000 workers, is a manufacturing facility which has built the MBT 2000 "Al-Khalid", APC M-113, IFV Al-Zarar fighting vehicles for the Pakistan Army. In 1971, a Heavy Rebuild Foundry Project (P-711) was conceived with Chinese assistance and technology to rebuild T-59 tanks. As the fleet of T-59 manufactured by China grew, Heavy Rebuild Factory (HRF) was established in Taxila in the late seventies to undertake rebuilding and modernization of tanks. The experience acquired in enhancing firepower, mobility and protection, significantly enhanced the capabilities of HRF, which subsequently grew into a multi-factory environment renamed Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) in September 1992. Activities now include the cost effective manufacture of armoured fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and tank guns. In addition, in-house manufacture of a large array of components required has been undertaken and an infrastructure built for interacting with the indigenous industry for development of materials and components required.

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